missing the yum in yum cha


I used to LOVE yum cha.

In fact, Adam and I used to go all the time, together, sometimes with big groups of friends. We had one memorable birthday for Adam at Marigold a number of years ago that ended, just as we'd finished our last dish, with black smoke pouring from the kitchen and waiters locking up the till and yelling at us to leave the restaurant. Our complementary table of 12 signed happy birthday messages on the stamped card, I think Ad's still got it here somewhere.

Henry's always loved yum cha. A bowl of noodles for breakfast? AWESOME! Lots of nice people coming and going, suspicious eyed fish in a fishtank, it had it all.

He's even yum cha-ed in Hong Kong with Naomi and Julian, and that was a hoot.

So today. Nomes and Jules suggest taking us out to yum cha this morning. Fabulous idea. Except the last time we went Tilly was probably only about 1, not almost 3, and Henry could be occupied with a fried shrimp.

Didn't go so well today.

No noodles available until after 11am. 

Here's Tilly eating apple dealt out by beloved cousin Georgia (thoughtfully brought by Auntie Nomie, thank goodness, the apple I mean, not Georgia.)

And that's it, that's all she ate. In between diving between the trolley wheels of the patient serving ladies. I nearly snorted my hot Chinese cha up my nose as I lost her for a second and turned to find her almost ON the bottom shelf of the trolley carrying custard tarts. 

Meanwhile Henry's reprogramming my iPhone a.k.a. playing the kids apps I've downloaded for him. Except for when he found the voice record function and spent some quality time recording messages to himself. 

Nieces Rose and Georgia? The poster girls for yum cha. 

Maybe it helped that Georgia was born in Hong Kong? Oh wait, no she wasn't. She was born in Sri Lanka. Dammit. 

And our beautiful Rose? Born in Germany. So not natively predisposed to Chinese food. 'Cept she totally got into it. Excellent child.


One day they'll be ordering off the trolleys and using chopsticks, right? 

Till then, then.

IKEA meatballs it is.



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