happy days


Today was a cracker. It was gloriously Spring, although of course it's not yet, and the activity in the beehives is high and the paddocks are filling with chickens. We had a visit from Feather and Bone today, and not for a long time (or at least since our friend Fraser was here on Friday) have I felt like I was talking exactly the same language with people. Almost shorthand. Fabulous folk. 

We've got a tilled market garden ready to go. The seeds are sorted into direct-sow and seed-tray and the coir mulch for the seed raiser mix is at the ready. I'm completely intimidated by the scale of the work ahead, amongst everything else we're doing, and overwhelmed by the number of people who have volunteered to come and help. I think this'll call for a working bee. Fun. 


We had a little photo shoot here for an Australian women's magazine (Women's Day) a few weeks ago. It was a story about Mum and Dad, a follow up to the cover they were on when they had quads, about, er, *cough*,  forty years ago. Ah, forty. More on that some other time. Here are the outtakes. 


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That's the closest Mum has ever gotten to our pigs.


Me and ad

Happy days.


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