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I was so inspired by what you were all eating last week! It's made me lift my game. 

We eat lots of fresh and whole food, a lot of it raised ourselves, but everyone gets in food ruts, where simple slips into ordinary. 

Reading other people's menus was just the shot in the arm we needed round here, hope it inspired you too.

This week is our packing week. We're packing up and moving a lot of stuff into storage for a year or so and minimal stuff into what we call the Loft, on the farm. The fellas are moving a lot of boxes later this week and we've got removalists booked for the big stuff next Monday.

So this week we need bright and energetic food. It's the end of Summer, plus I happen to be going by a fish market in the next couple of days so those two things will dictate the week's food. We're also processing another batch of broiler chickens this week so we'll have incredibly fresh chicken available (and tasty!) 

Two of our pigs went off to the abattoir this morning. They were respectfully raised and as happy as any pigs I've ever met. They had a luscious paddock, good food and company. Plus an awesome shelter built by Adman which had ocean glimpses (through the trees.) We thanked them and we expect to see them next Monday after they've been transported to our local butcher who'll hang them for a week for us, and then we get some hands on lessons in butchering hogs. For someone who has spent many years being vegetarian, I'm surprisingly excited. Expect pork on next week's menu.

This week:


:: Whole chicken roasted with lemon and thyme with green mixed salad + goats cheese on fresh bread

:: Malaysian Fish Curry with rice

:: Oyster and leek chowder with homemade flatbread for dipping

:: Fresh salmon and avocado salad with orange vinaigrette

:: Roman chicken and tomatoes with tagliatelle

:: Homemade Pizza (Saturday night is always Pizza Movie Night here)

:: Friday-night-dessert-night: Blackberry pie with vanilla bean icecream


Please tell me – what are you eating this week?


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