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Another favourite corner has this old thing in it…


I used to play all the time. I mean, all the time, when I was a kid. I played for exams and I played for fun and I auditioned in Composition for the Conservatorium in Sydney when I finished high school, and was accepted, but decided to go and study Medieval History at Sydney Uni instead.

We still have a relationship, the piano and I, but it's no longer solely monogamous. I like the guitar too. And I flirted with a saxaphone at highschool, I'll admit. It was fun. Short-term though.

The piano, we're long term. I've introduced it to my children.


This is Tilly (today.)

Copy of hang on, where was middle c

This was Henry in 2006 in Brisbane (which is my excuse for why the child is not clothed. It's HOT in Brisbane.)

Nov + Dec 2006 007

This is a photo of when the piano was new (to me – it's about 80 years old) and didn't need the serious dusting it requires now. 

Yes OK, I threw that one in because I wanted to look at that little dude again. Check the curls!

Nov + Dec 2006 009

Oh, little man. I hope one day you have a piano that you can watch being moved from house to house by skinny tattooed fellas called 'Tiny' who lift it like a shoebox and hurl it into trucks. 

It'd be awesome if playing something, whatever you like, brought you joy. 

Drums? Maybe could we start with a bongo? 


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