more family weekendiness

On Sunday, at my parents' place, we had a bit of a party.


{Fabulous niece Georgia. Totally takes after her mother.}

The party was variously referred to as an engagement party or a meet and greet or (by my Mum) as The Betsy Fiesta.

It was to introduce my brother's fiance (they live in the States) to The Family.

Unbelievably the gorgeous Betsy is not on a plane back home as we speak. She's still here, which is marvellous and much more about Tim than the rest of the larrikins she'll shortly be related to.


 {The lovely Betsy, not running madly for the nearest exit}

We had some family photos taken before everyone arrived, and I snapped this one while staying out of the way of the proper photographer…


{I love my Mum and Dougie, in green, in this one. And Jim too, second grandchild from left, I can hear his funny chuckle from here.}

  {Oh, did I take another picture of Rose? And Naomi, responsible for adorable one year old.}


There were sixty people at the party, it was a gorgeous day and there was only one minor incident when Dad climbed a ladder to retrieve a kid's ball off the roof and one of my cousins attempted to remove the ladder. No injuries sustained. 

In all the preparations, Dad somehow found time to hang a swing for the kids in the corner of the back garden.

Perfect Australian backyard tyre swing.

Thanks, Grandpa.



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