more Taracoonee!

Sun31 028

Tilly in tackle/cuddle mode with Jack.

Sun31 004

Jack driving Henry to "work" (and there was much lovely snacking on choc chip cookies.)

Sun31 022

Investigating mushrooms

Sun31 056

We kinda mooched from one meal to the next. My perfect weekend. 

Sun31 065

We went exploring! (Roo at the helm.)

Sun31 104

Roo and the explorers looking for sunken ships.

Sun31 098

Lots of marvellous sand and mud.

Sun31 089

Friends on the verandah.

My big win for today: the kids ate salad for dinner! And it's winter!! 

That and when I turned up to begin work with a new bookkeeping client this morning I (apparently) had the wrong day, it's tomorrow, and the dude I needed to see was in Melbourne, so I had a bonus day! I had paid for an hour's parking so wandered into the Vinnies I was parked in front of and came out with an $8 copy of Jamie Oliver's Jamie At Home which is the one about inspired vegie growing!! So a great day all round. 

I'm now dreaming of spring and some vegies in our garden too… (damn it's cold in Sydney!)


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