mother’s day

oh what a beautiful morning,

oh what a beautiful day…

Not sure how much involvement the kids had in the production of the French toast drenched in maple syrup, but I know they chose the tulips because I heard the story about Tilly the snot monster having an incident requiring multiple tissues in the florist early yesterday morning, from Henry. 

Back to the breakfast in bed.


And one of Adam's special talents:

A really really good flat white.

Spoilt, really. Charms for my charm bracelet, a card that made me teary, and a lovely drive down south to the Lawrence Hargreaves sea bridge and gorgeous escarpment. 

And order-in pizza for dinner. 

And most of all, spontaneous shouting throughout the day: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MUMMY!

At the end of it: sincere gratefulness for being part of this family. For being given the chance to be a mother. For the mothering I received from my wonderful Mum and the mothered-ness of the world you finally see when you have your own children. 

That continual line of mothers stretching back to the beginning. 

Right through the time when it was often a fatal condition. When every labouring woman bore down knowing the risks. Knowing someone for whom becoming a mum was a final act. 

We're so damn lucky. 

I'm so damn lucky. 

Look at this little family: the light in the kids bedroom blew last night and before Ad could go get a globe and replace it today, he improvised for storytime. 


Happy Mother's day to all of you inspiring and wonderful and creative Mums out there. 

I hope you're feeling lucky too.



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