Mouth watering anticipation

Everyone needs something to look forward to.

When I was little I used to eagerly look forward to visits to Sydney. Now I live in Sydney and anticipate visits to the farm. 

One of the things we used to do in Sydney (as tourists) was to visit Darling Harbour. And in Darling Harbour, circa 1989, I tried apple pie flavoured icecream with bits of pie crust and apple in it. 

It made a big impression. 

It was a food euphoria moment.

Icecream was never the same again.

Until I moved to England and met Ben and Jerry.



And so. Please refer to point 5 on my list of things to do in the next three months. Over there on the left.

And THEN. My friend Ben emails me this article!!! HELLO!

So, thanks Bennoss. One new-thing down, 19 to go. And MAN I have some serious anticipation going on now! 

That will be me sneaking off to Manly for a cookie dough fix. Any day now.


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