Must be almost Summer.


Life gives us lemons. LOTS of lemons. We love them. We regularly thank Mum and Dad for planting the tree thirty years ago, and right now it groans with yellow fruit. 

Life also gives us awesome friends. I'm lucky enough to have two particular Vanessas, both of whom I know I mention here frequently, and it can get confusing. 

There's Sydney Vanessa, also known as pole dancing Vanessa due to her spectacularly successful pole dancing studio business. Not to be confused with permaculture Vanessa, (whose garden I must take you on a tour of one day), who is on the farm over the road and whom I co-own the incubator with. 

Anyway, my wonderful long standing friend, pole dancing Vanessa – also the Vanessa who called the GAME ON competition by the way – visited this weekend with her two boys (the big boy had to stay behind and mind a brand new puppy who hasn't yet had his shots.)

Vanessa, in fact both Vanessas, are the kind of people who look at a heavily laden lemon tree and instead of (like me) thinking, oh look, an abundant lemon tree, they think: let's make lemonade, where's the ladder, get the kids, let's go.

I love those kinds of people. 




We also tried these crazy things procured some time ago by my friend Ben. 


They were sadly out of date and didn't really work. My fault. We should have tried them a year and a half ago. 



And in other happy news, we have ten Pymouth Rock chicks. TEN. Hip hooray!


Have you had a sunshiney weekend? 

Do you make homemade lemonade with sugar syrup on brown sugar? Seem to be the thing. 

Have you ever tried Miracle Fruit? Ben and I saw it on United States of Tara and he went to so much trouble to get this packet – I feel terrible I let it go out of date. By a long way. We kind of got the sense of it (you suck a lozenge then everything you eat, including lemon, tastes super sweet) but the lozenges tasted so bad and well, out of date, we couldn't eat them, and being almost entirely chemical free here I was a bit nervous about what I was letting the others in for! 



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