I love the way English friends say pants! instead of say, blast! or goddammitalltohell!

Also, that band was so pants, or these cheese sticks are totally pants

By which I do not mean THESE pants are pants. I think they're lovely. Well the first couple of pairs I made were a little pants.

I thought I was so clever, tracing another pair of not pants pants and making my own little pattern and ta daaa, there's a wee pair of trousers for the girl in less time that it takes for a cup of tea to go cold. 






A little bit of trimming on the legs and everything. 

I made three pairs, rolling along, thinking I'm so clever until the girl hung out in them for a little while and they turned out to be, shall we say, rather low riders. 

Maybe forgot to allow for the waist roll. Really am an idiot. 

Got over self and decided to use a pattern. From here, actually…

The 'cute pants for kids' – so easy to sew up, simple, adaptable pattern. Loved it.

They've been getting quite an outing:


and I believe are on the line right now for the second time. (Yes, it's night time, doesn't everyone hang out their washing at 4pm?) 



Planning to make a few more of these!

Joining in with Kootoyoo's My Creative Space for the first time today. There's about a hundred other people doing clever creative things over there if you're inclined to have a look!

Happy Thursdaying. 



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