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I recently sent off a package to Germany. It's been received, so I can tell you what was in it. 

I have a beloved sister and two nieces who had birthdays last December that I set about making gifts for. So they're not very late at all.

The girls may have also not quite received their Christmas presents on time. Spectacular Auntie, I am. 

Here's what I finally got off to them:

A gumnut beanie for my unbelievably adorable two year old niece, Rose.

I didn't follow a pattern, incredible that it worked out at all really. I was supremely unconfident that it would not turn out a lot like this one, a particularly stellar example of my knitting prowess. But I cast off (had to look up youtube as I had a total mental blank about binding off) and it looked like it'd fit a smallie nicely. Happy days. 



A lazy days skirt, (a free pattern from Oliver + S). That's the end of my birdy stash. Hopefully Rose likes it as much as I do.



For Tilly's intensely adored Miss Georgia, 4, a skirt in corduroy, following the lazy days principles. With a pocket for treasures. 

There is a visit scheduled for later this year and Tilly is insisting on a full matching wardrobe for her and Georgia. I better get started.



Also for Georgia, another of these dresses, Simplicity 2377. Didn't work so well in lawn, for reference. Sits much more nicely in 100% cotton. 



It was right about now that I turned around to find a cow right behind me (see Monday's post.)



And for my beloved Naomi, a scarf.

I bought this gorgeous wool at Vinnies for 50c. Two balls.  



It knitted up quickly and beautifully, gorgeous to knit with. 

'Cept it was only about half a metre in length. Ran out of wool. Not a scarf.


I stitched it up and decided it was a cowl. (I looked it up, it's a word. And a thing.)



Modelled here. Cowl. Going to be big in Germany this year. Or maybe next year…


…given they've just finished winter.

Christmas handmades in April.

That's gotta be a record.


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