Is there a limit to how many posts I can write about bread?

Shall we test it?

I'm up to at least six.

And apologies (again) to all gluten-free readers who are this minute rolling their eyes and collectively clicking the next link in their google readers. 

So this is it, the next loaf of 18-hour bread that started out looking like a bowl of marvellous attractiveness.

This time I followed the instructions, thank you Breadtopia (and Jo.)



I have to admit, it is a magnificent crust. 

The old dutch oven. Who woulda thought. 

I only have a few small issues with this bread, one in fact. It requires considerable fore-thought and planning. Skills I fail in spectacularly. 

I put this second loaf, instructions in hand, on yesterday. When I eventually counted forward, I realised my 18-hrs proofing time was going to be up at 3.30am. 

I love bread, it's true. And I'm often up at 3.30am. Not specifically to transfer bread to a proofing bowl then into an oven an hour and a half later though.

So I did the folding and the second rising when I got up at 7am.

Only to count forward again and find I was going to be out at 8.30am when it needed to go into the oven. (Cue full hand forehead slap.) Really, this woman runs a family?

So it had two loooong rises. Ah, whatever. It tasted great.

And I'll probably never make it again. 

Here's why:




As delicious as the 18-hour loaf is, who can be arsed with all that counting? 

This one, my fall-back grainy loaf, I've made so often I can do it half asleep (which I usually am) possibly with one child hanging off one leg as I walk like a pirate around the kitchen.

Just as well no one's relying on me to provide them their daily bread, frankly.

Oh, wait.


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