real life

If you've been here before you know I'm full of grateful posts, what's happening now posts, inspired by xyz posts. 

Not so much today. 

Today I'm uninspired by:

:: the hit and run driver who killed my friend's cat. In front of their three year old. 

:: the fact my lovely man's name begins "ad" and is therefore listed in many, many people's phones first and really you wouldn't believe the number of "bum calls" we get at two in the morning. Like this morning. 

:: mountains of never ending laundry.

:: the start of school again tomorrow. Henry's excited. I have Mondayitis. 

:: tempeh

:: the distance between Sydney and Frankfurt. 

But that's life in real time, right? 

There is, however, always a Tilly. A chirpy, funny, spirited adventurer/botanist/naturalist who's always up for some cooking of cupcakes. 



A Tilly wearing red sparkly shoes. 

'Cause there's no place like home. 

I think we all need some shoes like that. (Particularly my Germany-based sister and I…)


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