It's been so long since I posted a post that I forgot how to log into my blog host.

Oh, neglect.

Works well in many instances. Pumpkins. Best left neglected (as long as there's a bit of rain) and all of a sudden you've got a paddock of pumpkins. So many pumpkins that I'm dizzily taking photos of pretty pumpkin flowers, it's like I woke up completely pumpkin crazy. Look! So pretty, right?!



I've started stacking pumpkins against a wall. Dad suggests I put them (this below is a little portion of the crop) on the roof of a shed, like they've always done, but then I won't be able to admire them! That's part of it, right? Being able to admire a massive stack of pumpkins outside the laundry, not totally in everyone's way? 



And our bees. A tad neglected. And THEN! Adam opens the hives and VOILA! They're awesome! and have made lots of HONEY!!! (More on this shortly.)



I'm a dedicated proponent of benign neglect as a parenting strategy. If we don't entertain them, they will go off and write comic books or play on a flying fox or build a base (whatever that is) or dig up all the beetroot seeds you planted yesterday. (Yes, *cough*, a strategy not so effective for two year olds.)

And of course there's the dreadfully neglected promise of a Monday's cake. Dreadful. We need more cake around here, I'm sure you'll agree. 

Meanwhile we've been baking and packaging biscuits, crackers and oatcakes all day for our local food co-op order tomorrow, chatting to chicken customers, ordering a swine tattoo and trying to figure out additional accommodation for laying hens. 

Swine tattoo? Perhaps not what you think. It's a temporary ink brand you paint on a pigs bum before they have their one bad day, in order to identify the farm they came from and where they need to be sent to. 

It was a few very short years ago all I did was a bit of bookkeeping in an office. 

I'm so happy to be here. 

Hope your heart's not neglected either. Was your day fun? Even a little bit? Do you just totally adore pumpkins?


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