new things

I'm about to reconfigure that 'new things' to-do list over on the left hand column, and I am thinking up some fun new things to put on it. 

(This time, no deadline. No point setting myself up to fail. I will do a wrap-up post sometime shortly about what's coming off the list that wasn't accomplished by June. Why I canned the soap-making, abandoned homeschooling, delayed the Miracle Fruit etc.) 

So much fun though – some of those 'new things' really shook stuff up for me. 

I'd never really gotten into knitting and always wanted to. After finishing a couple of things I'm now flying through little projects like this one:

A narrow little soft scarf for a little neck – a small friend who sent Tilly the sweetest skirt, who lives in a cold clime – I posted this off to her today. It's a lot like this one that I made for Tilly, but in a much softer acrylic yarn which seems to stretch better around wee necks and is less scratchy than wool and cosier than cotton. This one is just twelve stitches on, then knit one row across, purl, knit, purl, knit and then repeat this pattern (k, p, k, p, k) to create the 'stripes'. Super quick to knit. Not sure what ply the yarn was, sorry, a bit hopeless, but knitted up on 7mm needles. 

Anyway, a self-fulfilling list that makes stuff happen

No pressure!

Any ideas?


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