not such a Good Friday



It's never a great day when you take your baby to the doctor (again) and they suggest you go to the hospital. 

But even when they diagnose pneumonia, there are things to be grateful for. (I know, I'm like a disease.)

: Grateful for being away on holiday and therefore having everyone including fabulously hands-on grandparents on hand, allowing me to drop everything and stay with Ivy.

: Grateful for good old Panadol when in the middle of the night (before being admitted) you wake up to a red hot baby. I never knew skin could feel so hot.

: Grateful for access to first world doctors, clean hospitals and twenty-first century penicillin.

: Grateful for cheerful infants who manage to smile, wave and charm a children's-ward-full of nurses even while coughing and wheezing and generally being pretty miserable. 

: Grateful for recovery.

We're home and getting back on our feet and she's much better, thank you. 

Back soon.


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