not there yet

As I lay in bed between about 3am and 6am this morning, wide awake, pondering on Braxton Hicks, I thought to myself: eek, not ready yet. 

We've got around eight weeks before we're expecting to meet this wee bub and this week I've been surrounded by stories of early arrivals and babies-number-three being born at home.

Terrific being born at home if that's your plan. Not my plan. 

Besides, the cot is still in pieces and half stripped back, half old matt purple paint with green highlights. The change table is in pieces and we have no car capsule. 

Much more importantly I have to finish this:

A new version of this skirt for Tilly, and this: 

 A nowhere-near-finished baby blanket (as you can see.)

Plus we need to rearrange a few rooms to make space for our newbie, and and and…

No. Not quite there yet.


One Comment on “not there yet

May 6, 2010 at 10:05 am

I’ve got about 8 weeks to go too.. but ironically I am trying to put aside the thought that it is more likely to be 10 weeks than 8! So I’m not at all worried that I haven’t got a single baby thing un-packed, put together organised! I’m tempting fate.. daring the Universe to give me a baby that is even close on time!


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