notes from a Monday

1. Adam went back to work today after three lovely lovely weeks of paternity leave.

2. Today was my first school drop off and pick up with three kids. It poured with rain last night. I figured, sure, getting kids in and out of the car in the pouring rain? I can do this. 

3. Morning was going well. It wasn't actually raining outside. Everyone had eaten breakfast, was dressed and the school bag was packed. I even remembered the home reader. We're out the door. Tilly says (with screwed up nose) "why are you wearing that skirt Mum?"

4. I have a flash forward to my daughter at fourteen. I try not to scowl.

5. I do not say: "because I could not for the life of me find the one pair of jeans I currently fit into even though they could only be in the cupboard, the laundry or on the line. Who knows. Maybe they are with my only long sleeved top that's NOT a maternity top that fits me right now too. Or maybe they took my sense of humour and went to the pub. Get in the car, wretch."

6. We get to school. It's a Monday. It's garbage collection day. The streets all around the school are filled with green sulo bins. I eventually stop the car in the middle of the road, jump out and move an empty bin so I can pull in.  The kids don't (a) exit the vehicle while dangerously parked or (b) drop over into the drivers seat and drive off without me. So I'm feeling really good.

7. Ivy goes into the baby sling and stays asleep. Gorgeous wee thing. Tilly finds a big stick. And a large puddle. I spot her in the playground surrounded by kindy boys as she demonstrates how to achieve an enormous splash by throwing the stick into the puddle. Henry says proudly: "That's my sister." I'm so overcome with the sweet siblingness of the moment I ignore the fact her shoes are wet. Her socks are wet. Her jeans are soaked. Whatever. Henry loves his little sister. She's a cracker. 

7. We had a wonderful day at home with a visit from my sister-in-law Rachel and my gorgeous gorgeous niece Stella Paella.

8. No Paella is not on her birth certificate.

9. Pick up time. It's terrificly overcast but not actually raining. We don't have off street parking at our house, and because the street was full earlier, I have had to park the car quite a walk and two streets away. That's cool. I've allowed time. 'Cept at the car Tilly announces an urgent toilet need. Too far to go back home. Ivy's already in her seat. So I suggest a tree on the side of the road, which Tilly happily agrees to. (At what age is it inappropriate to facilitate a wee on the side of the road do you think?)

10. We get to school on time. We get to the classroom without drama. Ivy stays asleep in the sling. You know, I think we can do it all again tomorrow. No worries. 


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