nut butters

You know I'm a big fan of the homemade peanut butter. BIG fan. 

I had some leftover nuts this week and we've run out of the above ("we've" being Tilly and I: the boys are vehemently averse to peanut butter of any incarnation.)

So I dumped a variety of nuts into my food processor and made this:

Yes the label may look a little Stepford.

No I'm not apologising. 

The state I'm in I could easily have used it as a facial scrub unless I whacked a label on it. 

(Besides, I have blank labels left over from making coffee labels for Dad's coffee beans.)

Sadly I cannot give you the volumes of different nuts thrown in (please refer to statement about 'state' above. Insomnia. Curse it.)

But damn it's yummy!

If you make it and it works, maybe send me the nut volumes?!

P.S. Apparently there's an "ABC" butter which is excellent – almonds, brasil nuts and cashews. Might try this next time. If I can remember where I put my food processor. Or my brain. 


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