ode to three


Three years old, that is. 

My Mum, who now has eight grandchildren, has a lovely rule that she must have a three year old photo of each of them.

Before three, they're toddlers, after that, they are really turning into  little people (and can go through a cheesy photo stage.) So three it is. And it's a lovely, lovely age, right?

We have never had professional photos taken of our family, something I'd love to change but we've never found a photographer at the right time or in the right state (would love love love this amazing person to take a set of family shots for us – sadly I discovered her after we'd left Brisbane!)

Anyway, I was thinking of Mum's 'three' photo when flicking through these ones of Tilly at Pyrmont Park this week (thanks to reader Renee for the park tip! What a great park!)

Tilly is right at delightful three-and-a-half… still little but not big.

You know what I mean.


Girl in nature.

Treasure. (The stick.)   

Treasure. (The Tilly.)

Here's to treasuring precious days with smallies or whatever it is you're doing today.



One Comment on “ode to three

Christie, Describe Happy
July 22, 2010 at 10:59 pm

Your daughter is totally cute! I really like how you captures the view of the park through a three year olds eyes! Really darn neat! Thanks for sharing!


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