ode to three


Three years old, that is. 

My Mum, who now has eight grandchildren, has a lovely rule that she must have a three year old photo of each of them.

Before three, they're toddlers, after that, they are really turning into  little people (and can go through a cheesy photo stage.) So three it is. And it's a lovely, lovely age, right?

We have never had professional photos taken of our family, something I'd love to change but we've never found a photographer at the right time or in the right state (would love love love this amazing person to take a set of family shots for us – sadly I discovered her after we'd left Brisbane!)

Anyway, I was thinking of Mum's 'three' photo when flicking through these ones of Tilly at Pyrmont Park this week (thanks to reader Renee for the park tip! What a great park!)

Tilly is right at delightful three-and-a-half… still little but not big.

You know what I mean.


Girl in nature.

Treasure. (The stick.)   

Treasure. (The Tilly.)

Here's to treasuring precious days with smallies or whatever it is you're doing today.



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