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Back in the olden days when Dad was still dairying (heh heh, that one was for you, Dad) we had a lot of milk. Er, obviously. It arrived home, before we moved into the house on the farm, in a stainless steel milk can, on the back, or maybe the front, of Dad's motorbike. 

In summertime, Mum would make up jugs of iced coffee mixture and we'd pour it into tall glasses, pour cold milk over the top and sometimes add a scoop of icecream.

This is, I reckon, the best iced coffee recipe ever. It's so simple, you can make up a bottle of it and have it ready for when the moment calls. And in summer around here, it calls a lot. I need a dairy cow.




Mum's awesome iced coffee mix

Ingredients: (to make one glass)

1 tsp instant coffee

1 tsp honey

1 tsp boiling water


Mix all together in bottom of a glass and then top up with milk.


To make a big batch, you just use equal amounts of instant coffee, honey and boiling water. Put about a tablespoon of the mix into the bottom of your glass (depending on how strong you like your iced coffee!) and top up with milk.

It's awesome. Hope you love it.


P.S. Oh, it's Wednesday?!? *cough* Yes, it appears we may not have a Slice of Wednesday slice today, with apologies if you tuned in specially. I'm up to my ears in Bikkie baking, and I couldn't turn out a slice as well. Biscotti, anyone?!


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