on my mind…

Joining in with Rhonda Jean over at Down To Earth today. 


On my mind today is new-ness. The challenge and the stretch of it. 

We're the new family in a small town. Henry's the new kid in Year One. We're meeting lots of lovely new people and I'm getting used to my new-to-me oven.

It's also a week of firsts. 

Tilly's first ever ballet lesson. 

The first time I actually looked under the bonnet of a car with genuine interest, as my Dad showed me how to recharge a car battery.

First visit to the local co-op who support local farmers and supply sustainable organic produce. 

First time a complete stranger has ever stopped and asked if I needed help as I stood with one Blundstone boot in my hand at the back of my car, baby in front of me in a sling, trying to figure out how to squash the big spider roaming around the back of my car without accidentally whacking the baby. (The friendly stranger did it for me. I know it's not green and it was just a huntsman, but the idea of it crawling onto the kids while I was driving seemed accident-prone.)

Oh, and first pair of shoes. 


on precious new feet.


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