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On the side of my bag of flour it says "for manufacturing purposes only."


Why can't it say, "for cooking"? or "for feeding people with"? or, seriously, what's wrong with "for making food"?

There are so many short cuts at this point in commercial cooking, there are all these moments where "real food" vanishes and suddenly you could be manufacturing snackfood. Empty junkfood. Packaged and processed.

Fake food worries me deeply. I get a dreadful unsociable twitch about it.

Is there much manufactured food in your pantry? In your fridge or freezer? How many raw ingredients are there compared to sealed bags or boxes of something made a long way from your kitchen? You're here, you probably make your own bread, you might even make your own yoghurt. If you don't, can I highly recommend it? And can I encourage you to find one thing that you typically buy – peanut butter or butter or sour cream or tomato sauce or pasta or crackers or whatever, and make it yourself this week? I bet you'll find it forehead-slappingly easy and cheaper. There's a hundred recipes kicking around this old blog for making stuff from scratch. Knock yourself out. 

Hey, join in with the crazy people making their own butter! It takes an insane make-it-all-from-scratch kinda person to know one! I SEE YOU THERE!!!

Here's to real food.




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