on the way

Luckily, it was just over a week ago that we were here, doing this:


(Hello, you don't all fit in the wading pool anymore!)


Breathing in some quality cousin time. Playing hard. 

Enjoying treats. 



(Or trying!)



We were enjoying cuddles with beloved aunts.

(My sister Suze.)

Entreating them to share iceblocks. (A pushover.)



And leaving the smallies with the Dads while we did a small amount of jewelry shopping in Berry. SO fun.



And now. Down to it. 

The decorations are packed away. The books are sorted (and given away). The kids have gone through their toys and we've given away bags and bags of clothes. 

We even got down to a small craft job today – cutting up the Christmas cards into gift tags for next year – an idea I nicked from the brilliant Tricia over at Little Eco Footprint (Tricia I didn't mean to nick your photo styling too!)



We're preparing for a big open house inspection (we are renters here) and I've had people loitering at the front door peering in which is weird. (Super competitive rental market! Crazy!) We are hightailing it out of here of course, but trying to get the place, around all the boxes, looking presentable. 

I waved goodbye to this pretty old piano today as it made it's way to a friend's house. They're terrificly expensive to move and while I liked this one it's not the piano of my dreams. I let this one go happily to make way for another. 


So it's lucky we played hard last week. 

Because right now it's all about cardboard boxes and trips to Anglicare and Vinnies! 

Adam: Do you really need all those glass jars?

Me: Do you really need all those power tools?

Every night I'm reading the same three sentences of the same book over and over before I crash into unconsciousness. 

It's a bright shining busy though. My other sister, Naomi, has just announced a visit midyear which has brightened every minute since I spoke to her from wintry Germany.

COME ON IN 2011, you are getting better looking by the day.




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