on this day…

…seven years ago, I married the most excellent man I've ever met.

We'd already been together six years, moved to London together for two of those, backpacked for another eight months and bought an apartment back in Sydney together. And had actually decided not to get married. I'd even broken that news to my mother. Then there was an amazing dinner at Rockpool, and a surprise proposal, and a ring, and who knew the whole wedding palaver could be just so much fun?

Thirteen years and I still think he is the funniest most marvellous most easy to live with person on earth. 

If I hear a great story or read something interesting he's the first person I want to tell. 

I can't imagine enjoying children this much with anyone else.

I can't imagine being so pleased to see someone every morning and every evening and still find him the single most hilarious person ever. 

Happy anniversary baby. You rock my world. 

F and a
May 17, 2003 


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