one for the road

The Culprit. (More on this later…)


We've been in Armidale for three days and tomorrow we drive down to the coast for a few days with friends, can't wait.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share a wee but of our time at Ad's family home with you…


Jim's vegie garden, it's such an awesome set up. He grows swathes of leafy greens and raspberries and all sorts of fabulous edible things.

Jim and Jen are mad keen on birds. There are so many different kinds of finch in this garden, just gorgeous. They grow things purely to attract different birds. I wish I'd got a photo of the clothesline full of galahs but I was too busy staring with the kids to get my camera.

Is this the best cubby house you've ever seen? On the inside of the door it says "Now you are trapped" written by Rachel about a hundred years ago. Or so.

Jim (Papa) and Henry planted some tomatoes…



They banged in the stakes…


They wore matching shoes…

Then they watered them, even though it looked a bit like rain.


Now. Regarding The Culprit.

So after the planting and the staking and the watering, Jim and Jen took the kids off for a park adventure followed by a spot of vegetable shopping.

It was all progressing predictably and successfully up until they arrived home and Henry proudly revealed the packet of lifesavers he’d stolen from the shop.

Yes. Stolen.

Jim and Jen, utterly and understandably horrified, deferred the criminal immediately to his parents. Who themselves were totally unprepared to deal with a light fingered five year old.

Adam, being quite sensible, calmly explained to Henry that he absolutely could not take things from a shop without paying and proposed they go immediately and apologize to the shop owner and pay for the pilfered goods.

I stayed home with Jen and Jim who poured a round of red wine and debated the inherited criminal traits from Jen’s convict relatives, transported for life to Tasmania for stealing lead off a church roof.

Meanwhile, Adam and Henry were standing in front of the shopkeeper and Adam prompted Henry to explain his transgression and apologize.

Henry got through the apology and the shopkeeper, looking confused, explained he didn't sell lifesavers. Adam looked at Henry who said, ‘It was the shop next door.’

Off they went, next door, and Henry apologized and Adam asked if he can pay only to discover Henry had nicked those old, out of date charity lollies off the counter.

On the box it said 'Lifesavers, 50c donation please'.

Adam put in a dollar.

And came home and passed over the wine for a scotch.

We're fleeing the area tomorrow and I'll hopefully report to you next Sunday from home, not from outside a Juvenile Detention Centre. 

(A week is a long time though. Hold your breath for me, OK?!)



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