one more for the road

Yes, there seems to have been a LOT of cake this week. 

Not really representative of this house, but whatever. We've had a cake or two this week. 

So I thought I'd leave you with one more on this lovely Friday: the one Henry's had in his lunchbox this week. I originally made it for Adam who loves loves loves sultana cake (particularly his mother's – I know I have the recipe here somewhere, I have to get around to organizing my maniacal recipe collection someday soon) – but turns out H-Bomb loves it too. (Or maybe he just loves everything his Dad loves. Olives. Camembert. Cakes with fruit.)

I found this recipe here. And it's truly great. Not as great as my mother in law's – but still great. 

I made it in a ring tin and so cooked it for only an hour, not an hour and three quarters. 

It has a LOT of butter in it compared to an average cake, and twice the number of eggs. 

But a sliver for morning tea for a kid who otherwise snacks on bananas and carrot sticks and organic dried apricots is OK with me. 

Hope your week has been stimulating and your weekend ahead is relaxing. 

The kids are almost in bed (thanks, honey!), the sewing machine is out and the iron's on. It may not look like Friday nights once looked, but gosh it looks good to me. 

Happy Fridaying!


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