one of those people


I apologise for being  tad hit and miss with posting in the last couple of weeks.

I would cite crushing tiredness except I just don't want to be one of those people who are always complaining of being tired because they are perhaps a bit overcommitted. 

I also never intended to be one of those people who leaves their Christmas shopping to the last minute, or doesn't make their own pudding or Christmas cake, or who takes their daughter to a shopping mall with sparkly Christmas trees springing off her wee tinseled headband. It's a special, special look, I tell you. 

Particularly with Tilly underneath said sparkly swaying trees, lit up with the joy of spotting Santa outside Target. 

She is the Christmas spirit embodied. 

I also never thought I could be one of those people who carry a camera around and take lots of photos of people, food, you know. Life. I seriously considered a career in journalism earlier and binned the idea based on the fact I wasn't comfortable chasing stories, asking questions and snapping the right photos.

And yet. It was actually my (our) birthday this week and Adam may have bought me a camera. Oh my goodness. A proper camera. Everything to date has been shot on a point and click little digital thingo which did the job, but I have to say this gift rocks my world. Or, precisely, you do, Adman. 

I considered taking it to the airport with me last night as I collected three very very precious passengers off a flight from Frankfurt. But given my history of teary international arrivals reunions with my sister Naomi I thought better of it. She brought with her extra special cargo, not only the divine Georgia, three, Tilly's instant best friend (of course she is), but Rose, one, whom I had not yet met.

Could she be any more delicious? 

Speaking of delicious, it's not too late to make a Christmas cake and pudding is it?

I want to be one of those people that has a lovely big cake in the cupboard for friends popping round. It's such a very merry time of year, particularly with resident toddling Christmas angels!


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