one small change


{vegie scraps about to get a new lease} 

Inspired by Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change Campaign I have decided to make some small green changes this year. 

If you've ever had a dog and now don't, you'll know that feeling of horrible waste every time you throw a beef or lamb bone in the bin. I've been getting that lately with vegetable peelings.

I grew up on a farm where the dogs got the bones, the chooks got the scraps, the tea leaves were always used as fertilizer and there was an organic compost over the back fence (i.e. the paddock in which fruit and vegetable scraps were tossed.)

We recycle here at home, of course, Sydney recycling is split into general rubbish, paper and plastic and green garden waste. Not bad. 

But the vegie scraps.

We had a wonderful compost going in Brisbane but we left it behind and never replaced it.

Just before Christmas we went and got a worm farm.

So my January project ('One small change' involves a project each month from January to April leading up to Earth Day on April 22) is more diligent recycling and building up our worm farm.


DSC_0026Tilly loves talking to the worms. She calls this their 'bed'. That mat on top is instead of dampened newspaper, to keep them moist and cool.


DSC_0017We go through quite a lot of fruit and veg peelings in this house and they are threatening to overtake the poor worms, even just a few days worth of scraps! So the kids and I went adventuring to Bunnings today to get some back up wrigglies…

  Bring on the organic fertiliser!


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