Free range eggs

We have about 300 laying hens, most of whom are housed in two mobile chicken caravans made by these smart guys. The chooks enjoy big fresh paddocks of grass, and they are moved every few days to a fresh spot. We’re lucky to be able to collect nutritious whole milk most weeks from a couple of local dairies who have excess, which the chickens LOVE. They have to share it with the pigs, which they complain about no end. You can buy our very fresh and delicious eggs at the KIAMA FARMERS’ MARKET on Wednesday afternoons, at Black Beach, Kiama.

Farm-produced wholefoods

We have a commercial kitchen on the farm and every week we produce a range of nutritious foods available for sale at the KIAMA FARMERS’ MARKET. We make traditionally fermented sauerkraut, fresh sourdough loaves, cultured butter, ghee, whole-egg custard, yoghurt, labneh, slow-cooked bone broths (chicken and beef), free-range bacon jam and our own chicken liver pâté. We sell our raw honey and any fresh produce we have available.

Free range meat chickens

We raise our chickens from day old in a big brooder room under warm lights, and when they’re 2-3 weeks old they go out onto fresh grass with custom made shelters, enclosed by fox-proof electric fencing. We believe chickens should be raised outside, eating grass and stretching their legs and wings. Chickens should get to express their chicken-ness and that doesn’t happen in cages or pens. A properly raised pastured chicken takes longer to grow than an industrial, overfed bird that is never encouraged to walk. We believe if you raise a chicken properly in a chicken-friendly environment, it’s healthier, and it tastes better. It’s also sustainable, and better for the land. Our chickens are presently only available through Feather and Bone Providores in Sydney.

Free range pork

We raise Duroc and Wessex Saddleback cross pigs in green paddocks where they get to dig up the grass and roll around in mud baths. They’re rotated to fresh pasture frequently. Our breeding sows farrow naturally and with lots of space to enjoy their piglets. People tell us our pigs are calm, we figure that if you let pigs be, well, pigs, with good fresh food and no overcrowding, then it comes naturally that they are as happy as a pig in lots of good south coast mud. We process pigs about five times a year, and alert our newsletter base when pork is available to order and to pick up from the farm. Please subscribe to our newsletter on the ‘contact us’ page if you’d like to be included in this notification.

Chemical-free vegetables

We have a market garden in which we grow garlic, asparagus, rhubarb and several kinds of seasonal vegies. We use these vegetables in our on-farm workshops and turn some into pickles, compotes and jams for sale at our farm shop (coming soon) and our weekly farmers’ market stall.

Where to buy our produce

KIAMA FARMERS’ MARKET every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm – 6pm at Black Beach, Kiama

ONLINE AT GREENBOX (Gerringong food co-op)

AT THE FARM: We’re working out the best on-farm sales arrangement so please check back here for updates!