Farm-produced wholefoods

We have a commercial kitchen on the farm and every week we produce a range of nutritious foods available for sale at the KIAMA FARMERS’ MARKET and BERRY FARMERS’ MARKET. We make traditionally fermented sauerkraut and kimchi, probiotic-rich water kefir, slow-cooked chicken bone broth and our own chicken liver pâté. We sell our raw honey and other seasonal pickles and jams.

Chemical-free vegetables
We have a gorgeous organic market garden in which we grow many different kinds of seasonal vegies, specialising in fresh leaf salads. We use all our own produce in our on-farm workshops and turn some into pickles, compotes and jams for sale at our weekly farmers’ market stall.

Free range eggs
We have about 150 laying hens, most of whom are housed in a mobile chicken caravan. The chooks enjoy big fresh paddocks of grass, and they are moved every few days to a fresh spot. We feed them antibiotic-free and GM-free feed and supplement it with leftover whey from the cheeseroom (which the chickens LOVE.) They have to share which they complain about no end. You can buy our very fresh and delicious eggs at the KIAMA FARMERS’ MARKET on Wednesday afternoons, at Surf Beach, Kiama.

Where to buy our produce

Kiama Farmers’ Market every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm – 6pm at Surf Beach, Kiama.

Berry Farmers’ Market every Thursday afternoon from 3pm – 5pm at the Showground, Berry.