over here we are…



.. walking around Mum and Dad's place, notebook in one hand, camera in other.

.. talking about dogs, looking up rescue shelters, weighing up options. Trying to contain my excitement when Adam says "it was you who wanted to wait! I reckon we can use that metal cubby house as a kennel!" (Don't tell the smallies yet, OK?!)

.. baking another loaf of sourdough. Understanding this is probably the beginning of a long term obsession. Making a second sourdough starter while trying to get the acetone smell out of the first. Trying to get the loaf PERFECT before I blog it. One more. Will post on the weekend. 

.. letting the chooks out in the afternoon only, listening for any panicked squawking, freaking out when the geese start honking like crazy and come flying over the fence, they've never flown anywhere, where is that damn fox?! Everyone present and accounted for today. 

.. admiring an inspired treehouse which has gone up at a friend's down the road. 

.. feeling grateful for the simplicity, the sociability and regenerativeness of tea.  



Hope things over your way are bright and that you too are a tea drinker. 


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