over here we are…


Planting garlic. Clove by clove, a centimetre or two under the soil, pointy end up. Six months till we have a whole lot of aioli.


Watching lettuce grow. More interesting than it sounds.


Watching piglets grow! And watching them revel in a manic accidental mudbath created by a bumped water hose. Oops.


Admiring the carrots. Dreaming of carrot cake.


Getting our heads around the fact she's about to turn two. TWO?! And trying to recall a time she didn't talk in (attempted) sentences. Wasn't that yesterday? There goes my baby.


Talking to chickens. There is always lots of talking to the chickens. Hello, chickens.

I had an email this week about the chook fence we use, and I thought I'd mention it. We bought a 'chooknet' from Allsun. An electric netting fence that's fox proof. It wasn't cheap, about $350 for 50 metres. But it's portable, relocates very easily, and certainly seems to keeps out foxes. The birds don't fly over it. Hens typically won't fly over something floppy, although they'll fly over a 1.2m paling high fence in a second!

We haven't had any flying over this, not even when they've eaten out their paddock and the grass is presently greener on the other side. 

I think it's great, but when it came to more chook fencing this week, we've gone for an old school fixed fence – posts, 6ft wire. (I say "we' but I mean "Adam". What do I know about post hole diggers?). Cheaper. 

We dream of another mobile chicken house, out in the paddock, and the chooknet would be perfect for this. Our chickens are also locked in at night though, we don't rely on it solely. Although reports are that foxes cannot dig under it. It packs an electric shock punch – ask Ivy. We call it the "hot fence". 

Over here we're also very grateful for the many lovely comments you left on my post about Max. Thanks so much. 

Buena Vista Farm Bikkies are at the Gerringong Markets this Saturday; if you're in the area, come and say hello!

Happy Tuesday, lovely folk.


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