Paint job


Henry hates painting. It's messy and it takes up time he could be (a) surfing the Disney Pixar website, (b) talking about his allocated computer time or (c) arguing, pleading, whining for more computer time.

Tilly LOVES painting. She's paint all day if left alone. Which is a mistake. Refer exhibit A below:


You may notice the flannel PJs: it was a before-breakfast painting bonanza today.


Everyone's getting Christmas presents wrapped in Tilly-designed paper this year. Even Elliot, the poor painted doll. (No, I didn't name him. Rachel's partner Craig named him. A year later they named their beautiful daughter Stella, so pretty. Meanwhile poor old Elliot chafes away at amusing dolly moniker. Craig is a fabulous uncle, the best kind, but perhaps don't let him name our future pets?)

Here's one she was quite sure she needed to make some artistic improvements to:


I love painting.


2 Comments on “Paint job

August 29, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Hilarious! I’ll e-mail you a photo of Piper mid-winter painting nude. She’s an addict too.

Melissa Linardon
August 29, 2009 at 9:26 pm

Brody is quite creative as well except his canvas is usually his stomach and his back if he can reach. The downside is that his favourite tool is permanent marker. The type that wears off. It took 1 week for the lovely blue and brown flower to come off last time. Oh well its all fun.


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