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~ The geese (who live here but belong to the neighbours) are noisy and messy and they occasionally chase small children. I'll miss them terribly when we move.

~ We've had an unbelievable amount of rain in the last week. It's doing my tomatoes in, they're splitting and falling. They are still undeniably delicious and I am one of those cliché gardeners running around telling everyone they must plant tomatos because nothing you buy tastes as good. 

~ In a break in the rain, we had a beautiful afternoon picking blackberries with friends. There were varying degrees of commitment to picking among the smallies, but most picked enthusiastically then ate them with the same dedication. 

~ I picked while wearing a baby in a backpack, a feat I am very proud of as she would occasionally lunge for a berry nearly toppling me into the brambles. She eventually fell asleep.

~ We lay about on the lawn at Mum and Dad's in the early evening, drinking tea and watching kids on bikes then reconvened at our place for pizza, kid's movie and Irish beer. A perfect Saturday?

~ I have a new obsession (other than finding the right jersey cow); crocheting flowers. My craftiest pal dropped in this afternoon for a tutorial (this is the third time she's tried to teach me, I am a bit hopeless at crochet, she is a very good friend and incredibly patient.) It seems I've finally figured it out this time. I'm up to four. And on a roll. LOVE crocheted flowers! Absolutely no idea what I'm goigng to do with them, but I have a deep need to made hundreds.

Loved this weekend.

Did you? Hope you have something that gets you as hyped as crocheted flowers does for me?!


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