Thank you, lovely friends, for all your encouraging comments on my last post. Project Elephant is well underway. I had beautiful friends turn up today who boxed books and wrapped prints off the walls. 

Yesterday I pulled all the green tomatoes off the slightly decrepit tomato plants (which I then ripped out.) Today I squished the ridiculous yearning to make green tomato chutney and instead packed up the kids' rooms and started on the kitchen.

We're eating simple and delicious quick food. The Malaysian fish curry and the fresh salmon and avocado salad with orange vinagarette on the menu plan were delicious. As was this lunch of scrambled eggs, ham, sundried tomatoes and oregano. Yum.

Adam escaped today (and tomorrow!) with some bad timing on both our parts, to a long-awaited bee-keeping course. He is smitten with bees. It's very exciting. He is now (10pm) packing up another part of the house, wonderful man.

And in unrelated news, Ivy, completely unprompted, used the potty tonight, for that which it is designed to be used. If you get my drift. It's enough to make a mama weep.

We're on the way! (In so many ways.)


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