quick and easy Frittata recipe

I wonder what your go-to recipes are? 

Mine all changed when I gradually turned vegetarian during pregnancy and found I just couldn't  serve up sausages or spaghetti bolognaise or steamed chicken, which the kids would always eat. 

We've expanded our repertoire and I now have a good handful of dinners I know the kids will eat without argument. You know, the dinner you want to make after you've had a run of meals where all the small people are sitting around saying "I'm not a fan of this." (My Mum taught them this last time she stayed, after some small person looked at their dinner plate and said "I hate this". It's a much better put down, I find!)

On the go-to list we have lentil bolognese, pumpkin soup and pasta baked in b├ęchamel with grated carrot and zucchini. They love bean nachos, bean-based shepherds pie, different types of risotto and homemade pizzas. 

I love a quick egg-based dinner. Frittata, omelette, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs with toast soldiers. Only one smallie likes eggs – Henry doesn't 'do' eggs. Shame. 

Nonetheless, last night was a go-to dinner: cauliflower soup. And for those who like eggs: frittata. Super quick and totally delicious. 



4 eggs

half cup milk

half cup grated cheese

1 onion, finely chopped

3 medium potatoes

handful of cherry tomatos, halved

bunch of asparagus

salt and pepper



In a bowl, whisk the eggs, milk and cheese. Add the onion. 

Peel, slice and cook your potatoes (I steam mine). 

Pour the egg mix into a greased baking dish and lay the cooked potatoes on top. Place the tomoatos over the top and lie the asparagus on top too. Season. 

Cook in a moderate oven (180C) for about 20 mins or until golden and set firm. 


Do you have dinners that there are no arguments about at your place?

(We should start a database!)



P.S. The comments yesterday were (again) the best thing about the post. So many thoughtful ideas – if you haven't read them, go back! You are the most intelligent and interesting readers out there. Thank you. xx

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