quickest apple pie ever


OK. In a recipe for a super quick apple pie you might think making your own pastry might be ridiculous.

But seriously, this pastry is SO QUICK to make you'll have it rolled out quicker than defrosting a piece of store-bought stuff, I promise. 

I had a moments notice that Ad was bringing some friends home for dinner. One was a friend he worked with in Brisbane who I (and Adam) adore so I wanted to whip up something quick and yummy. 

I don't normally go in for tinned fruit, as you know, (less nutrients and all that) but if you have a tin of apple in your pantry or frozen berries in your freezer you've usually got these ingredients to hand.

Try it. If you're not totally sold on homemade pastry after this, I'll.. I dunno… eat my hat?



Put 250g of self raising flour and 125g cold cubed butter in a food processor and whiz up. Add 1 egg yolk. Whiz. Add about a tablespoon of icing sugar (this is optional). Whiz. Add about 5-6 dessertspoons of iced water (I get a cup of tap water & add ice from freezer) until it binds together. This will depend a little on your flour so sorry I'm not being precise. When it's ball-like, take out, roll in cling wrap and put in fridge for 10 mins or until stiff when poked.


Break pastry into two pieces, one about 2/3 of whole, the other about a third. Roll out larger bit of pastry on greaseproof paper. When right shape for your pie dish (I use an average pie dish which I think might be 20cm across? Really I have no idea,) up-end the greaseproof paper over the pie dish and peel off the pastry. Much better chance of it coming off in one piece.

Fill with one big tin (800g) of pie apple. Or stuff you've cooked yourself, even better. Or some berries too. DELICIOUS. If just apple don't forget a good sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon. A wee sprinkle of sugar over the fruit doesn't hurt either.

Roll out smaller piece of pastry and place over top of pie. Crimp edges. Brush with milk. Bake in moderate oven (180deg) for about 20 mins or until golden.

Serve with icecream or cream or yummy vanilla yoghurt or custard. Oh. Yeah. 


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