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What you are proud of in your child says so much about you.

Some people are proudest of their child's good manners. Some of clever speaking. Some of inventive imaginative play.

I am intensely proud of the fact Henry, 4, can crack a series of eggs into a cake batter without a morsel of shell in the mix. Clever fellow. He knows the ingredients list for pikelets and can make a batch of cookies (with a bit of help). Yep. I am very proud. 


Today I have an old friend, Melissa Linardon, to thank for our biscuits. (Thanks Mel.) She posted a comment on an earlier post reminding me about my Mum's Cornflake Cookies. I haven't put cornflakes into biscuits for ages. 

Surprise surprise for regular readers, it's the old visitor biscuit recipe. But today, because the kids would be eating them, Henry and I halved the sugar and they were totally delicious. Crunchy, light, sweet.


Cornflake Cookies

125g butter, melted
1/2 cup raw sugar (use white if that's all you have)
1 egg
2 cups self-raising flour
2 tblsp custard powder
1 cup cornflakes

Stir melted butter and sugar together. Add the egg. Add the flour and the custard powder and stir. Add the cornflakes. Stir. Ball into cookies and press onto a baking tray (lined). Cook in moderate oven (180deg) for about 10 mins or until golden. Makes about 24 cookies.

Best eaten outside for afternoon tea.

The other thing we discovered today was popcorn. I've never given my kids popcorn as Henry has always been a bit of a choker and Tilly was too little. She's two and a half now and Henry's much better with irregular-shaped food, so we gave it a try. It was a HOOT.


We put this stuff (above) into an electric frypan with a bit of canola oil at the bottom. I remember my Mum making popcorn like this. Except my frypan has a glass lid!! I would have taken a photo of us watching the popping, but I was laughing too hard at the kids laughing at the popping. 

It was raining, it's the end of the school holidays and the couch and Shrek the Third beckoned us. Bliss.



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