recipe for homemade arrowroot biscuits

More make-it-from-scratch insanity…

Arrowroot biscuits!

My kids don't eat a whole lot of Arnotts' Milk Arrowroots (unlike rice crackers, the absence of which has left a bit of a gap in our snacking,) but I love them (and so does Tilly) and I thought it might be fun to see if I could reproduce them. 

I read the ingredients label: wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, condensed milk, salt, baking powder, arrowroot flour. 

My first attempt I used 125g softened butter (being uncomfortable cooking with vegetable oil) mixed with 0.5 cup sugar, 1.5 cups self-raising flour, 0.5 cup arrowroot flour and then 0.5 cup condensed milk. 

Terribly dangerous using less than a full tin of condensed milk in any recipe, I say. Just too tempting to dip in that spoon…*gargle in back of throat a la Homer Simpson*

But I digress.

I baked these for 15 mins on 160°. Here they are:

They were very yummy, a very shortbread-like, buttery biscuit (read: 'cookie' by the way, if you're in the U.S.) but they didn't really taste like Arrowroots. 

The kids loved them. I made these yesterday which makes making another batch today sound insane except we visited a friend after school today (with four children) and took them with us. Goneski! 

Went back into the fray today (with Tilly's help) and made the ones in the photo at the top. 

These rock. They actually taste like arrowroot biscuits but are softer and obviously homemade. Pretty happy!

Homemade Arrowroot Biscuits


2 cups wheat flour (self-raising)

1 cup icing sugar (or confectioners)

1/2 cup vegetable oil

1/2 cup condensed milk

1 tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup arrowroot flour

1 egg


Mix all dry ingredients together well, then stir in condensed milk and oil into well in the centre of dry mix. Stir well and when bound together, knead until smooth. Roll out at about half a centimetre thick and cut with round cutter. Bake at 150° for about 15 mins or until pale golden.

Enjoy with a cup of tea! And a three year old who cannot believe her luck: bikkies two days in a row. This is living. 


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