replete with gorgeousness

Sun31 040

Swing with a view, at Taracoonee, Hawksbury River.

Sun31 009

Taracoonee is the name of the house, a grand old thing, built in 1913 by our friend Roo's great grandfather. It's kept as a holiday place for the descendants of the original owner, and you can only get to it by boat. There's no electricty, just a bit of solar for a few lights if you really need them! So candle and firelit at night. Unbelievably beautiful. So with some fantastic company and lovely wine you can imagine, it completely rocked. 

Sun31 001

View from the verandah, to the boatshed.

Sun31 088

Sun31 016

Sun31 020

Divine. Will post more tomorrow, it's late! 'Night all!


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