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When the going gets tough… I go to Gerringong. This, above, is part of my parents farm, where I grew up. We're heading down there tomorrow morning for a couple of days which will be AWESOME not in the least because I haven't seen Mum and Dad for three months as they've been galavanting off overseas visiting my sister Naomi (in Germany) and brother Tim (in the US.)

There's no place like home, right?

And there's really no place like the kitchen table with Mum and a cup of tea.

Right now, my other favourite place in the world (other than that spot on Adam's chest between chin and shoulder which is perfect size for my little tired head) is right here:


…next to the blazing heat of this stove-y thing in my living room. So warm and cosy.

Have a loverly weekend, friends. I hope you stay warm!


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