I had two new year resolutions. 

They were:

1. Being able to walk through my house without bits of stuff sticking to my feet. 

2. No throwing out food, not ever.

So far I'm not doing brilliantly on either. 

My house really isn't that dirty, but there's a lot of outside tracked inside by small people, and if I had to vacuum regularly then frankly the family would be naked because I can just about handle laundry and cooking and shopping and ferrying and tidying up and a small business but regular cleaning depends largely on Adam. Who is excellent at it. He does, however, use up an enormous amount of his very fair and even domestic work allocation cleaning up the kitchen. 

I make a lot of dishes. Really. Take today for example. On the sink: ordinary breakfast bowls and plates; the food processor which made the hummus to go with the crackers for lunch; bowl, cup, spoons, pans from making orange and chia seed muffins; boards, knives, Le Cruset which made the pumpkin soup for dinner; bread pans, yoghurt making saucepan and jar, teacups, kids cups. 

So after he has cleaned up all that I don't really expect him to start up the vacuum. I could probably do it. But it needs a bit of resolve on my part. 

And the food throwing out thing. 

I consider myself ecologically aware. I know the real cost of food. I know a diabolical amount of good food is tossed into landfill every day. I try really hard not to contribute to it. 

We've got chooks, pigs and a resplendent worm farm. It's easy to look at a manky lettuce and think about any of those three recipients joyfully tearing through it, and feeling no guilt in tossing it knowing it will be 'recycled' in a way. 

Doesn't counter the fact it's wasteful. Of money and resources. 

So I'm trying not to do that either. 

That photo above is of my pantry, this afternoon. Ad has been known to stand in the pantry wistfully saying, 'is there any actual food in here?'

On the bottom shelf you can see the only two tins I own, one of creamed corn for a delicious Thai soup we love, and one of evaporated milk which must have been bought for a recipe that I forgot about and has probably moved with us through two states. 

There is also a box of UHT milk that my friend Sarah brought me after I ran out of milk once last year, so I would never run out again. So incredibly sweet. Plus there's soy milk for my dairy intolerent friends. Anyway that's not really the stuff at risk of needing thowing out. It's the fresh vegies in the crisper no longer crisp. 

Or spuds hanging around too long and going soft (or green.)





I also have a terrible habit of not labelling things properly (like, at all) in the freezer.

What IS that jar of tomatoey looking stuff? Pizza sauce? Baby food??





Anyway, now I've told you, so I'm more accountable. 

I'm going to vacuum my floor and try to manage the fresh food better so nothing gets wasted. 

I soaked too many chickpeas. Far out we've got a bit of hummus to get through.







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