right, then

So we may have left it a tad late to discover whether we can fit three kids car seats across the back of our car. 

We drive a smallish car, a Prius, which is probably, what? 40cms across at the back? Maybe not that narrow but I did keep glancing back there over the last couple of months wondering exactly how we were going to do this. Hmm.

I called a professional baby carseat fitter, who sounded dubious, and Tilly and I optimistically bounded in on Friday, took the old car seats out and let the lovely lady attempt to fit two new most-narrow-on-the-market kids seats and one baby capsule into our beloved shoebox.

No, they don't really fit.

Well they fit, but you have to shunt everyone across when shutting each door and when the last door is shut it creates an unholy vacuum and we risk the windows blowing out with the internal pressure. 

Also, the seatbelt clasp bit, the crucial bit you have to stick the belt into, is conveniently located underneath the baby capsule (in the middle.) Both sides. The fitting lady sagely advised to leave a fair bit of time to go anywhere, getting the kids in and out may take some time, dear


Because it's really a bit far to walk. 

Which means we have everybody-in-and-out-of-the-car at school drop off and pick up every day. Right, then. 

Tilly and I, with windows warping, drove straight to my friend Lucy's place (who sensibly has one child and a large car), and she made me two strong cups of tea in a row. 

And on Saturday, because he's just excellent, Adam suggested we get some seatbelt extensions so at least we don't have to lift the baby capsule to get at the clasps. And so we did and they work pretty well. Henry even did his own seatbelt up this afternoon. High fives all round. 

And we're thinking about the future of the Prius. 

It's either that or give away one of the children and we quite like the two we've already met and we're guessing the third will be at least as endearing. 

Wee buggers. 


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