Doesn't everyone love a good Sunday ramble around an enormous old cemetery?

Rookwood Cemetery is amazing. 

It's a whole Sydney suburb, it's that big. 

600,000 graves dating from the 1860's and culturally so diverse. Very Sydney. Very cool. 

It always surprises me how quiet cemeteries are. Although there was a sign on a big empty  lawn that said 'emergency meeting point' which made me giggle so much the photo was out of focus so I didn't post it.


There were lots of family crypts:

  I liked this one: someone's 'sweetest wife'. 

At some point Adam and I got into discussion about burial/cremation, not something I've really given a lot of thought. 

I've spent so much time wandering around graveyards that I guess I always assumed burial rather than cremation but I'm not really fussed. 

Ad wants to be buried so we agreed it would be perfect to be buried together somewhere, although he's insisting on eco caskets which are low environmental impact and degrade super quick. 

Damn greenie. 

(Fine by me. )


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