rooster pastie


I don't know if you remember me telling you about Adam and the rampant rooster? Well that rooster made an incredibly delicious slow cooked stew with turnips and leeks and cinnamon last week, which we had with flatbread as we tore in from school before tearing out again to an early school concert. 

And last night he reappeared as a turnover. Or pastie. Or pie. It's a good reason to keep a few squares of packet frozen puff pastry in the freezer I reckon. 

Whack any kind of leftover stew in it, or just cheese and herbs at a stretch, paint the top like you know what you're doing with a bit of egg mixed with milk and hey presto: leftovers which don't look like leftovers. 

Mmmmm. Rooster. Looks like duck the meat is so dark, and so terribly tasty. 

Thank you Rooster.




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