Run when chased

This weekend my man Adam completed the Kathmandu 24-hour adventure race. I am so proud of him.

I don't have any photos of him or Tommy his racing partner, or our friend Roo, a solo entrant, because they started at 9am in the morning and the kids and I weren't at the race location until midday. Adam and Tommy finished at 3.30am the following morning, and as I let them in the door of our cabin, noting they were really really wet and cold and looking a tad disoriented, you know – reaching for my camera was the last thing on my mind.

Here are their bikes:


and the scrambled eggs they polished off when they woke up on Sunday morning.


Here are the kids have a lovely time at the resort (a loose expression) where the event was held:




Hmmm, paddlepops. And a weirdly fabulous inverted trampoline that I had to physically drag the kids off and which has formed the foundation of Henry's perfect dream backyard ever since.


Jack and Tilly playing a game "fixing the tree". 


In Roo's kayak.


I am SO an adventure racer Mum. 

Ah yes, Henry. Ready for your starting 45km mountain bike ride. Then a 5km run. Then 10-12kms trekking along a river. And I mean IN the river. About then it'll get dark. Hike 15kms straight up an escarpment. With only one headtorch because the other one got wet in the river. (Note to family: waterproofing bags a GREAT Christmas gift.) Then get back on your bike for about 27kms along single tracks (this was apparently the fun bit.) Then about 11.30pm get in your kayak and paddle about 10-12km along the Colo River. Which takes you to about 2am. At which time get out, soaking wet (see previous note about river) and ride another 14kms to the finish line. Which you might reach at about 3.30am. 

Your daddy's a legend, buddy. 

Please stay home and drink tea with me instead.


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