sewing bee

So last night, after a whole lot of talking on my part and very little action, my lovely superlatively creative friend Jodi organised a sewing bee at her place. 

The aim was to teach my friend Ness and I how to sew. Properly. Us two being Well Known for being a tad slap dash, that'll-do, sticky-tape inclined.


{Jodi. Demonstrating how to use a pattern.}

I have sewn many things in the past. A multitude of long skirts in my late teens. My high school formal dress (from a lace tablecloth and a sheet. Dyed green.) Even some medieval-inspired attire from the early nineties that I shudder to think there may be photographic evidence of. 

But I've never used a patten.  

I never knew three women with two sewing machines could have so much fun. We had a ball. We're doing it again next week. (Largely because Ness and I are such novices we didn't get our little frocks finished.)


{Ooh. Instructions.} 

Ness and I embarked on the same project, two versions. A size 3 little girls dress. Hers for a friend (Ness has two boys) and mine for Tilly. 

We cut. We ironed. We learnt about interfacing. Jodi was such a wonderful tutor. Plus she makes a perfect cup of tea.

We pinned and threaded and sewed. 

We're not quite finished, so I can't show off the final product just yet: we need one more lesson in button holes and finishing seams!

I always loved my freestyle sewing, but actually following a pattern and making a perfect pocket and perhaps a dress that won't fall apart at the seams the first time it's washed was just so satisfying

Who knew. 

 Plus when we flagged, Jode's produced divine mince tarts and vanilla and cinnamon yoghurt. 

Heaven. Truly.


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