share farming


Adam and I are essentailly share farming with these larrikins. My folks. 

That is, they're retired from dairying (and teaching, in my Mum's case), but Dad still runs cattle on agistment. 



Without Dad this whole adventure of ours would be an amateur fiasco. When he's on the ground here (and not off travelling, which is often the case) at least it's a fiasco with a mentor. 

We don't agree on everything: there's a standoff about preparing the ground for the next lot of coffee trees – Roundup vs organic – but mostly we follow his instructions. He does know this farm like the back of his hand.


Someone referred to Adam a few weeks ago as Dad's Farm Manager. Which Adam strongly and immediately revised as Dad's Light Entertainment. He is terrificly amusing. I like working with him, for one. 


I think Dad does too, although Adam was holding the camera here, quite close to the ground as I understand it, and fairly close to the wheels. 


No running over the light entertainment, Dad. He's just built a champion meat chicken pen. Who knows what he'll do next.

More on that shortly!



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