sheds and stuff


Every farm has sheds. Sheds that are full of stuff because as any farmer will tell you, you can't throw anything away. There is some significant hoarding going on round here. Fence posts in piles, insulators, bath tubs, old egg crates. You never know when you'll need them again. 






When I started the bikkie business I asked Dad if he had any old boxes I could use on the market stall. Did he ever! Old wooden egg boxes with my great grandfather's name stenciled on the side came out of a shed. Gorgeous old ammunition boxes appeared. Thank you, shed. 

Recently when we were changing our chicken brooder arrangements, we had a need for a tall, long flexible bit of metal. Ta da! Out of a shed came an ancient swimming pool we had as kids, built on one long bit of tall and flexible metal. Perfect. Dad had hung onto that for thirty years in case he needed it, and it was perfect for the new brooder. Lucky us.


Sometimes the amount of stuff intimidates me, I think if we need to clear out a shed for any reason (like finding a home for the pallet of egg cartons or something sensible) we'll go in and never come out. One of the unusual things about a family farm that never actually changes hands is that stuff really never gets cleaned up and chucked away. Behind this deceased trailer is another much older deceased trailer. It's like the bones of the farm are visible.


See this cement post on it's side? It's one of the original Buena Vista gateposts. Now a convenient seat for small people waiting for the motorbike to pick them up. 


Oh look. There's a long wooden box in case family farming gets a bit much for anyone and someone needs to be disposed of. 


This rusty thing below is a wheat cracker, which they used when they grew and cracked the wheat for the chickens. Cool hey!


And this is a corn shucker, which takes the kernals off the corn cob. I'd so love to see if we could get this working. 


Nothing goes to waste. You never know when a drum will need to become a dog kennel. 



Making do with what we've got.

It's one whole big adventure working out what that is. 



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