slice of a someone else’s Wednesday



Lovely folk, it's so lovely to see you this Wednesday before Christmas. 

I have no slice, I'm afraid. Next week. Here's hoping. 

For someone who is usually TOTALLY Christmassy, I'll admit up front I'm really struggling this year. 

I have had a wonderful number of Bikkie orders every day since the big Christmas market on Saturday (at which we completely sold out), and all will be finished and delivered by tomorrow. Overwhelming though. I was perhaps a little underprepared. I've scheduled time to think about Christmas gifts tomorrow. 

No I haven't finished my Christmas shopping. I have an inspired list of Plan A handmade and economical gifts which is about to be replaced wholesale with Plan B. Very sadly. 

I'm overwhelmed with dates and plans and arrangements and Things That Have To Be Done and I'm looking around wondering where the heck my merry making is. Where's the down time with the kids, hanging out and stringing popcorn? Someone else decorated the tree. I'm going to spend my one available day without small people at a shopping mall, a place I really hate. Now that's some bad planning. 

I've got lots of fun farm news and goings on to share but I can't even seem to get here, to this favourite place, to tell you about it. Adam and I are tag-teaming, I rush in and find the kitchen magically cleaned up, we meet for dinner before one takes over bathtime and the other gets back to work. It's all fun stuff, but perhaps there's too much of it and it's crowding out merry making. 

Sensible and thoughtful people stop and cherish these seasonal moments. 

I'm barely holding on, waiting for this season to be over. Which is dreadful. I'll do it differently next year.

Christmas is sometimes hard. In some families there's huge pressure and heightened disagreement. Sometimes it's hard to find time to make the pudding (or even just to buy it). And I think Christmas brings your year into sharp relief. You might see family that you haven't seen for ages and you provide a snapshot of where you are. Are you where you want to be? 

I adore my family and am super grateful for many years of peaceful and joyful Christmases. I'm lucky. I'm expecting to get to that wonderful, wonderful seafood lunch on Sunday (which Mum and Dad are hosting) and I'm going to have a lovely big glass of wine and cheer my gorgeous sisters, my incredibly patient parents and that steadfast man of mine who stops me mid-blur and gives me a hug, then lets me get on with it. 

I don't want to miss this. 








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